How do i get my 8 year old to stop talking to me like im nothing?

Teresa - posted on 11/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Everytime I trying to talk to my daughter about anything, she give me an attitude and snaps at me and treats me like I'm a POS. I'm not mean to her, I don't talk down to her, I am just at a loss with asking for help from her father, who i am not with but live in the same house. he is a truck driver so he is never here, only over the phone. if anyone can help in anyway, please let me know.


Jodi - posted on 11/04/2013




You stop accepting it. I don't know what the consequences are in your home, but in my house, that sort of behaviour would result in removal of privileges, and if that didn't fix it, I'd very much consider removal of ANY of my services. Sorry, but if you want me to put dinner on the table in front of you, you will treat me with the respect I have earned and deserve. I don't do "slave" or "maid". Oh, and all those things that "I" paid for, they are mine. You get them back when you earn it.

Yep, I'm a bitch of a mother. But my kids know better than to speak to me in a manner that is disrespectful. I've never had to go to these extremes. However, my kids also know that I would.

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