How do I get my almost 3 year old to eat??

Deana M. - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 3 in September. She will not eat anything except for yogurt, NutriGrain bars, peanut butter n jelly, grilled cheese, pizza and pancakes. I give her pediasure sidekicks too, Occasionally I can get her to eat those fruit and veggie squeeze pouches. This started when she was about 18 months old but has gotten progressively worse to her now only eating these things. She use to eat everything. I never used jarred baby food. I made everything myself. She ate all kinds of meat and fruit and veggies...even lima beans! Now its just these few things. Im past the point of frustration. She just had an awful bout with constipation which I blame her diet and potty training for. I used to deal with it because I felt like I had to feed her SOMETHING. I couldnt handle just not feeding her, but no she is almost 3, she is VERY advanced verbally so I know she understands everything I tell her. People tell me its just a phase but this has gone on too long already. Has anyone had this experience and what did you do about it? I welcome any suggestions please!! Im desperate :/


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Michelle - posted on 07/09/2012




My daughter went through a picky phase and we just basically put the food down in front of her and made her eat it, if she didn't eat she went hungry, You can however hide nutritious stuff in the grilled cheese and the pizza and such I think there is even a cook book out there that tells you how.

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