How do i get my boy off the breasts


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Ariana - posted on 10/22/2012




Oh if he's not on a bottle then just give him a sippycup.

I mean if you want to start giving it to him at certain times, so in the morning and before bed. You can explain to him he's a big boy now so these are the two times he gets it. No arguments, no giving in at other times, just those two times. Kids are good at understanding 'oh I get this at this specific time'.

He's old enough for a sippy cup or possibly even a regular cup, he also doesn't need your breast milk to survive, or even to drink regular milk. He can get the nutrients from other food or by putting milk in other things. He can eat cheese yogurt etc.

Once he's used to having it only in the morning and night for a month or so tell him he's a big boy now and instead of breastfeeding you're going to have special snuggle time.

It's really up to you, if you want him to not breastfeed explain to him he's older and when you're bigger you only breastfeed at certain times, and eventually that you don't breastfeed.

The important aspect is to keep 'snuggle time' in and NEVER let him have it at another time unless you want to start at ground zero all over again. Just make sure he doesn't totally lose out on having special time with you.

At three years old he's old enough to understand what's going on and if he throws a tantrum or reallly really wants it just say no, lets have snuggle time, and if he really gets upset tell him he needs to calm down and (if you're married) let his Dad handle it, if you're not, put him down and tell him you'll snuggle when he's calm and walk away.

Rozelle - posted on 10/22/2012




He will be three years old never had a bottle so do you have any other advice.

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