how do i get my children motivated about school and homework

Sy - posted on 09/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my oldest son has adhd and seems to not care much about school or his grades. I cant seem to get him to ask the teachers for help with assignments, or even to take responsibility to get his missed assignments. I have tried punishment, taking away phone, grounding. any suggestions please


Ariana - posted on 09/25/2013




A lot of times when people (kids or adults) have to do something they are finding difficult it is easier to just 'give up' and not do well then try really hard and not do well.

Is it possible to get him a tutor who can help him with organization? Sometimes having an outsider come help (someone besides regular teachers/parents) can be more motivating. That also keeps it from turning into a struggle between you and him.

You might consider also having him have a 'work period' that he has to do after school. So he can't go out or watch tv etc. until he's done his work period, or started tasks.

It may help for him to have an agenda or even a work calender in his room (or wherever) that he can reference. That way his tutor will also know what's coming up and can say you really need to work on this and this since it's coming up (or whatever).

On one hand you don't want to do everything for him, but it may be necessary to help him learn to organize and set up times for him to work so that he can eventually become more self-motivated and will have the tools to be successful.

Like I said, a tutor, a set time to do work and possibly some more communication with the teacher would probably be very helpful steps to get the ball rolling.

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