how do i get my daughter to give up the passy??

Alisha - posted on 05/16/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Its time to break her off the passy. i want to find the easiest solution to taking it away. i know she will be up set with me for a while after i take it away bt how do i do it with less of th crying a fit throwing??


Jennifer - posted on 05/29/2012




Our local news station has a Mommy minute. They suggest clipping the tip of the nipple. That way, there's no suction.

Monica - posted on 05/16/2012




I prepared both my daughters beforehand. We went to the dentist & they told them that they would have to give it up soon (they have until 4, I was told when their jaws form permanently). Soon after, I sought out another child & gave them the option of donating them to that baby because they were big girls now. My older one gave them up so her little sister could have them & my younger one gave it up to one of my girlfriends, kids. Yes, it was a little rough the 1st night but after that, it wasn't a proplem. I did keep some in case but never had to bring them out. My girlfriend got her daughter to put it in the tree for the Fairies to take away & the next morning her daughter found a toy fairy (Tinkerbell from the Disney Store) left behind with a note in that same tree. She then thought if she could find some more & put them out every night she would get something, though. But it was great to see their big eyes believing in magic. Hope that helps.


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Alisha - posted on 05/17/2012




Thanks for the advice maybe it will help. my daughter will be 2 yrs old in aug. she doesnt have any speech problems she talks better than any other kid her age that i've meet. Bad teeth run in the family and i dont want her to have those problems i broke her off of th passy once when she was alittle over a year. but i left her father and he isnt having anything to do the her so my mom and i decided that it may help sooth her threw the hard time. because even though she didnt know how to express her feeling she was still going threw jst as much as i was. and it went from her not wonting it to her wanting it all the time. and now she ask for it all the time and thinks it has to stay in her mouth all the time even when she talks. so i started telling her i couldnt hear what she was saying unless she took it out. and when she wants a snack or something that she cant get on her own i tell her she has to give me the passy if she wants it and then when she gets what she wants and gets distarted i hide it and that works sometimes but not all the time. I was ever gona give her a passy but she was a preme so they gave it to her in th hospital to sooth her and then she had to have it to help sooth her. i like the idea of the faire coming to get it and even passing it down that sounds like it might work bt we will see. she does try to take them from other kids when she sees them with one so passing it down may not work that great.

S. - posted on 05/16/2012




Iv known a few kids with dummy teeth, bad speech and one child had to have his front teeth removed as he had a fall whilst he had a dummy in. My two youngest out grew there dummies luckerly on there own no fuss but with my oldest she was nearly two (at that point she only had it for bed) one night when it came to bed time I'd lost it she cried for a bit but went to sleep on her own, the next night I had found it but figured we did one night may as well bite the bullet by the 3rd night she just went to bed no tears.
My sisters had her boys pass them on to other babies too.I think dummy fairies are a great idea. Good luck in what ever you do

Louise - posted on 05/16/2012




All three of my kids gave it up all by themselves no stress no tears. I dont know how old your little one is? From the age of 2 take away the dummy except for night time sleep. Let her/him have it every night if they want it, at about 2.5 let them have the dummy in there bed but do not put it in their mouth, they can do that if they want to. By the time they get to 3 they dont bother to pick it up and leave it by themselves.

Having a dummy does not harm any teeth coming through that is complete rubbish. My eldest sons are now 21 and 18 and they have perfect teeth. My daughter is 3.5 and has not had a dummy for a good 8 months plus. I dont see the point in upsetting a child by throwing away something they take comfort in and helps them sleep. I promise you she/he will just give it up by themselves no stress no fuss.

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