How do I get my fiance to bond with my 4 year old son

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Hello so I've been having this issue with my fiance I can't seem to get him to bond with my son as much as I would like my fiance has a really sad childhood his dad left him when he was 3 or 4 years old as a teen his mother got into a new relationship and the stepfather and my fiance used to always fight it got to the point where Child Protective Services got involved and the mother had to choose either the boyfriend or my fiancee and the mother chose the boyfriend so he's been alone most of his life can't really depend on nobody doesn't really have many friends doesn't have any brothers or sisters so I understand a little bit why he's so distant from my son I was wondering what can I do so they can start bonding a little bit more at times he could be pain in the booty and he sometimes has an attitude I would like to improve all that and have my fiance bond with my son


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First, if your fiancee is having issues right now with his childhood, bonding, etc, and you haven't taken his story of "my mom chose her boyfriend over me" to heart as a signal...

I'd put a hold on this relationship until your fiancee gets some counseling for his abandonment issues. He is not going to be able to bond with your son in any shape or form without it, I have a feeling.

Forcing him to bond with a child he is not comfortable with will not end well in the long run. It will cause issues between both of them, and also with you. You would not want your son to feel anything other than complete love, and acceptance, correct? Why would you even consider the alternative?

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