How do I get my husband to flush the toilet?


Shelly - posted on 03/11/2009





  As a women that has been married to the same man for the last 18 years and this is one of these issues of you need to pick your battles and that one just isn't worth fighting if it bothers you that bad then go in and flush it your self.  There are a whole lot bigger issues to battle against. 

Johnny - posted on 09/30/2010




I went though this with my husband. He's really good about cleaning & stuff, so making him clean the toilet wouldn't have made a difference to him so I went "extreme". Since we only really have one washroom (the other is 3 floors down in our basement) and our daughter is young, she didn't really know what was going on (I wouldn't recommend it with older kids) I did what it took to gross him out more.

He'd left me a particularly nasty one which happened to coincide with my time of the month. So I stopped flushing mine. After a couple days of finding what I'd left, which was far worse than his, it never happened again. And it also got him to stop walking into the bathroom while I was on the toilet. Double whammy. But as I said, if my daughter had been older, I probably wouldn't have taken that approach unless we had a private bathroom.

Christian - posted on 09/30/2010




Leave it....seriously, he'll get so grossed out that he'll never forget to flush again. Worked for my husband...i just shut that door during the day so no one goes in there, then at night...BAM he gets hit with his nasty mess he left behind!

Heather - posted on 03/11/2009




Do you have 2 bathrooms?  If so, leave him the one he doesn't flush and use the other one.  When it gets gross enough, he'll flush it.  After that, you can ask that he clean it too since he was the only one using it.  That should probably help clear up the issue.


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Louise - posted on 10/01/2010




This would drive me up the wall too. Put a big sign up on the wall about his head height saying FLUSH PLEASE. It must smell in the bathroom if left to fester not nice. Get his six year old to tell him that will be embarrassing!

Kate CP - posted on 09/30/2010




Just leave it for him to clean up. Especially if he went #2...that'll ferment and just be horrible. Then leave some cleaning supplies next to the toilet so he can scrub it down. :)

Ashley - posted on 03/11/2009




lol, put a note on the back of the wall!...although sometimes men dont read either..haha!! but hey it's worth a try right?!...i personally dont have this issue but i do have other issues, like leaving his sweater on the floor, or i love this one putting his dirty clothes beside the hamper! will definately be men!..and to think i have a son and another son on the way! i also agree with Cheryll, make him clean the toilet!....good luck!..:).....

Cheryll - posted on 03/11/2009




I would make him start cleaning the toilet!!! After a few times of doing that and knowing the reason he was having to take on that chore, he would start flushing!!!!!!!!!!

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