How do I get my one year old to not cry & scream when he goes to bed?

Milena - posted on 03/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My little girl just turned one and I always struggle to get her to sleep since she was born. I still breastfeed her for naps and before getting to sleep in her cot at night but I'm trying to break the sleep association by doing so outside her room and then we continue with her night routine, dim lights, switch music on, whitenoise machine outside her room so she doesn't get distracted by external noise, read a story. Then i place her in her cot and she inmediately starts to cry...before i used to shhhhs her and pad her until she was relaxed enough to fall asleep. However, even if she was almost asleep as soon as i stop she begin to cry and all started again until i pick her up and hold her my arms until she was asleep. I always felt guilty by letting her cry, there were days when i was exhausted so I try to shhhs and pad her and then left the room after a few minutes of screaming and cry she settle. This went on for months and now that she's one I just hope she stop screaming and crying. She normally is in bed by 8pm and wakes sometimes around 5am for a feed (sometimes even at 2:30am and could stay awake even for two hours, if she falls asleep I wait till 7 or 7:30am to breastfeed her) sometimes she wakes up not interested in breastfeed but other times she does. I work part-time so I've tried to introduce her to formula since she was 5 months old, first in bottle then using a sippy cup but never been able to get her to drink no even one oz. I don't want her to scream or cry anymore every time she needs to sleep...please help me here!!


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Hannah - posted on 03/30/2012




I used to have to lay next to my son and like pin him down otherwise he wouldnt sleep. . What helped with him was reading him a story 3 times. Bythe time id done that hed be asleep. Now i just lay with him and usually no more than 5 mins later hes out for the count.

Tabitha - posted on 03/29/2012




I would let her cry it out for a bit. If when you tried it before, she settled after a few, it won't hurt her.

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