How do I get my three year old son to continuously use the toilet.?

Erica - posted on 08/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son will use the bathroom on and off. I will take him to the bathroom every 30 - 45 mins sometimes he will.use it other times he will not and end up peeing on himself. Any tips to help me help him use the bathroom continuously and not on and off as he is now doing will be greatly appreciated.


Jennifer - posted on 08/08/2012




Does he show signs of being ready? Is he interested? Does he tell you when he needs to go?

If not, know that a lot of kids aren't ready to even start thinking about it until three or older. I know a lot of pressure is put on us by other moms sometimes with the "MY child was potty trained at ___ months/years". In fact, my MIL has tried to tell me my husband was trained at 18mos - that's a load of bull. She was trained to take him when she saw he was going to go. Or, we get tired of the diapers. However, if they aren't ready, they aren't ready. Pushing the issue can actually make it take longer.

If you think he's ready, try to make it positive. You can use sticker charts, high fives, praise, etc. Something else that can make it easier is to let him see others use the potty. It helps some kids get the idea. Just hang in there and know, by the time he starts kindergarten, he'll have it down. :)

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