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the last 2 months my 2 year old has been super picky about what she talking PPPIIICCCKKKKYY!!!! and its really hard to introduce anything new to her without her getting really upset. well along with being really picky, she has been holding her poop. there has been weeks where she has waited 9 days before having a BM. it seriously freaks me out. and when she does go its so big and hard and she screams. so when i took her to the doc he said to give her some powdered stool softener and i did 1/2 cap every few days and then eventually had to do a full cap almost daily, it WASNT working. then it happened. A COMPLETE BLOWOUT and it was everywhere and messy. and i have been trying to give her more fruits and veggies bc i know that that would help her but its hard. how do other people deal with this problem ??? HELP

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She chooses everything! From hat she eats to what she wears to what she plays with and watches. Everything is Carter's way lol maybe that's the problem lol I give her too many options and then when she doesn't get to chose something she gets angry. Overall she's really good for being 2. And the pooping this is getting better. As far as her eating fruits and veggies, that's hard. I have been buying the applesauce or fruit/veggie/yogurt mixes in the pouches she likes those one time but not the next. And she like peeled apples and sometimes carrots. Other than that it's pretty random. Things are getting better but she still needs improvement.

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It sounds like she has control issues going on. She's using the two things you can't force her to do, poo and eat. Does she have opportunities to have control in other areas of her life? Do you give her many options? I'm not saying you should give kids TONS of options but she may be using these two things for control where she doesn't have control in other areas.

You might try giving him more control over other things she does and maybe some more options. So try to ask her do you want these pajamas or these ones? If you do just give her two options so she's not overwhelmed. You might also try to help her do things on her own more often. Another good thing is to play the 'boob' as they say. So let her beat you at stuff or push you around a bit. So I bet I can race faster than you oh no you're beating me ahh! Wow you're way faster than me. Sometimes if you let kids beat you at the little things they feel like a 'winner' and let you 'win' some other battles.

Ultimately you can't force your child to eat fruit or vegetables if they don't want to. Does your daughter eat any fruit/veggies right now? Fruit will probably be easier since it's sweeter tasting. If she does try to give her those frequently with the meals. I give my son fruits and vegetables and lunch and dinner, even if we're eating pasta you can cut up cantalope or put some strawberries on the side, that way she has more opportunities to eat it.

Something that worked with my son was that I would have something he really LOVED eating (hotdogs was his favourite) and I would give him one and then he would ask for another and I'd say, if you try ONE bite of this or one peice you can have another hotdog. That way it was also up to him, I wasn't saying he had to have it, but if he wanted another hotdog (his favourite thing) he had to try a bite. Sometimes he yelled and was like nooo but I stayed very calm and told him, ok you don't have to try it eat your other food and just ignored it. When he did try a bite of w/e I made sure I gave him LOTS of praise (and another hotdog of course!). Even one bite was ok.

My son also loves dinasours now and I got him to eat broccolli by telling him I was a triceratops eating little trees nomnomnom. He only ate a bite of it (a tiny tree) but now he'll eat more of it (not a bunch but he likes to pretend he's a triceratops). He also loves macaroni and cheese and I would throw pees in it and mix it up before giving it to him.

So try to think, what does my daughter enjoy eating right now and how can I incorporate fruits or veggies into this? If she really loves something else offer her some of it after she tries even just one little bite of something she doesn't go for.

Oh and don't try to force her to eat something she genuinely doesn't like. So if she's practically gagging on something you should wait at least a month before trying to get her to try it again. But I know fora fact my son HATES green beans, should I try to force him to eat green beans? No, I try to work in other types of vegetables. I mean he can eat a carrot, he just doesn't like it as much as other stuff, so I will encourage him to eat that. Just think of a food you totally hate, worst tasting thing ever, and imagine someone trying to force you to eat that. You probably don't do that but just making sure.

So you have to try to figure out what works for her and just encourage her to eat healthy.

For pooing is she still in diapers or supposed to potty train? That's really difficult to deal with 'cause you can't control it at all. Could you try to put prune juice in her food or mixed with her drink (you could give her prunce juice in some orange juice to cover the taste, or apple sauce). I would continue talking to your doctor about all of that.

Try to give her more control over other situations. For food try to encourage her to try new things and if she does eat certain fruits/veggies let her eat those so at last she's getting some of it. Try to incorporate fruits or veggies into every meal (snack) she has so she's got more opportunities to eat it and don't makea big deal if she refuses it just act like it's no big deal. Try to incorporate the food into stuff she already eats/likes. Worst case scenario mush up fruits and/or veggies and blend it into sauce and other things :)

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