How do I get my two-year old to hold his poop and not go so often?

Megan - posted on 11/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am in the middle of potty training my twin boys. They are 2 ½ and we’ll call them blue-eyed boy and brown-eyed boy. Both of my boys have always been good eaters and therefore they tend to poop a lot, like 3-5 times a day, each. I was concerned about this when we started potty training but I decided to go for it anyway. Brown-eyed boy is doing amazing! Much better than I had even hoped. He tells me when he has to go and has gone pee and poop in the toilet. He is having very few accidents and this is only our 3rd day. Blue-eyed boy is doing well when it comes to peeing in the potty but on day 2 started pooping his pants. Yesterday he pooped in his underwear about 8 times. Today he pooped 4 times by noon. He is just going a little bit each time and cries when I put him on the toilet. He does not have diarrhea and he doesn’t seem to be constipated either. With twins I feel like I can’t put blue-eyed boy back in diapers and let brown-eyed boy keep his big boy undies. How do I get him to hold his poop and only go a few times a day? Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I would like to be able to leave the house. 


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Megan - posted on 11/19/2012




I assure you that I know that my children are not robots. I also know that they are extremely different and I do not expect them to be the same nor do I treat them exactly the same. Thank you for your other suggestions though. I will take them into consideration.

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ok, first, it's only your 3rd day. Kids are not robots, and you cannot expect perfection. Even on my most strict potty training regimen, it took over a week to be accident free on a consistent basis, and over a year to be completely accident free.

Second, as you may have noticed, your boys are NOT the same. They may be twins, but they are different little people. And, no matter how convenient it would be for you, they will most definitely not do the same things the same way, or even at the same time.

So what if they're twins? If one's "got it" and has trained easily and well, why would you put him into pull ups? It's not necessary for him, and will only make him regress. As for the other, he's not ready to train. Either that, or he's being stubborn. (The way I found out was I asked my youngest why he didn't want to poop in the potty, and he flat out told me "That's what my diapers are for". So, since he KNEW what diapers were for, he was more than old enough to train, he just didn't want to be bothered)

Ask your blue-eyed boy why he won't poop in the potty. If he gives you a similar answer to the "that's what diapers are for", then he's being lazy. If he doesn't or acts confused, then he's not ready to go full undies yet. don't stop training, but do expect accidents and pack accordingly. No, it's not the most glamorous lifestyle, but this, too shall pass.

I honestly still can remember the time that I was pregnant with my youngest, and my oldest wasn't quite 3. He had the potty routine down pretty well, but still did have the occasional accident, usually if something "exciting" was happening. His dad took him to the restroom during our visit to the 4th of july rodeo, and they were gone a really long time...after which, my husband brought him back (tears rolling down his face, and walking really funny), and said "I'm on break to calm down". When I asked the boy what had happened, he said "the rodeo was so fun I forgot I had to go poop, and by the time we got there, i went in my pants. Dad yelled and threw away my underwear, and after I got cleaned up he wrapped papertowels like a diaper, mom!"

Just remember that each kid is different, and potty training is no reason to curtail your holiday activities. As long as you know where the bathroom is, and you keep reminding your son that he needs to try, he'll get it. But, if you stop training him entirely, you're teaching him that its ok to quit something if it's too hard, or something that you don't like.

You also don't want him "holding". That can cause problems later on.

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