How do I get my two year old to stop being so aggressive? She has other siblings, four others so I know this has something to do with it but really wished she was would be more sweet.


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Marietta - posted on 06/08/2012




Thank you for the advice. I am very inconsistant with the younger half and so hard on my older. I don't want to be and I do work on but I need to work a little harder obviously lol she is my heart to with being the last I just want her to be more sweet instead of being ruff and mean but I can't wait for it to magically happen I have to work on it. What form of discipline would you recommend besides the paddle I don't use them but the time out thing she gets ten times worse?

Kaitlin - posted on 06/08/2012




She's probably just frustrated and trying to get her way- totally normal. Just keep showing her what is acceptable behavior and what is not (praise her when she uses her words or takes turns, discipline when pushing/hitting/taking). Be sure to do the same for your other children too, as two year olds are very much into a monkey see/monkey do mentality. Being consistent with all your children will provide a good example for her.
Being sweet is not always so easy, especially with siblings! :D

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