how do i get rid of a dandruff on a fourteen months old baby


Carolina - posted on 09/14/2014




Like real dandruff or some left over cradle cap?

So dandruff can happen c of three reasons. (according to the interweb search I just did)
1-dry scalp
2-oily scalp
3-skin conditions like psoriasis

My daughter has crazy curly hair and her scalp tends to be dry. No dandruff but she would scratch like a mad woman. I tried everything
*coconut oil massages and combing it through
*mix of olive oil, tea tree, rosemary, lavender (she still scratched and then would irrate her eyes when she rubbed them, so stopped that one)
*now I co-wash her hair. Conditioner only wash. Conditioner still has some soap to help clean. I wash with shampoo once a week to get rid of conditioner/sweat/dirt build up.
We use a sulfate free conditioner and a tea tree shampoo (rinse really well) No more problems with her scalp!

If its too oily, then you need just use shampoo and make sure you rinse it thoroughly. But don't wash it too often, every other day or so.

If its the third, I have no clue!

When Annabelle was 2-3months old, her cradle cap was crazy, so while I nursed her, I would comb small chunks of her head and really dig in. I would end up covered in white flakes but her cradle cap was gone in no time.

Good luck!

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