how do i get the intimacy back in the bedroom i feel like our baby has come between us?

Rosalinda - posted on 03/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




how do i get to where we use to be sexualy my husband hass kids from a prior relationship way older then my kids and one of his girls has a baby she didnt want so we got him and about 8 months ago my husband started sleeping with the baby and has stop sleeping in the bed with me i sleep alone and sex is no existent


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Chrystal - posted on 03/14/2012




Agree with Sal it's not going to return to pre-kid sex life; we love our kids to death but they are mood killers. You can try talking to him about not sleeping in the babies room anymore or find compromise like while they fall asleep but then he comes to bed with you. Try taking advantage of those few moments you do have together during the day maybe not enough time for sex but flirting keeps both of you excited for the time when baby is napping in the afternoon or sleeping at night. You're a women you know exactly what your husband lusts over about you so do whatever that thing is that will get his brain thinking about sex especially when you can't actually have sex that will make him want you more later. Works with my husband like a charm I "innocently" bend over near him or where tops that show off my shoulders or give him that I want you look and by the time kids are in bed he's all over me. If your female persuasions don't work then he may just be to over whelmed and switch to things that relax him when my husband gets super stressed he can't think of anything but his problems not even with a naked women standing in front of him lol Try to find some time when you guys can sit down and really talk about how not have that intimacy is affecting you; you have a right to have your needs met; you might get surprised by his response he may very well know there is a problem and want to work on it. Good luck it's sensitive area of marriage for sure but without communication no problem gets solved and a little flirting never hurts :P

Sal - posted on 03/14/2012




it is never going to be what it was, your life is changed, BUT you can work at finding something that is going to work for you now, you haven't said but if your husband has become a grandfather for the first time, along with the extra presure of taking on a new child maybe he is feeling less than sexy,

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