how do I go about hyphenating my childs name?

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Ok, so my son was born five years ago and his father and I weren't seeing eye to eye at the time and didn't show up at the hosptial when he was born to sign the birth certificate. After my son turned a year old his father was locked up and I lost complete contact with him. About 5 monthsa ago I got in contact with him after his family looked for me and finally found me. We are getting together when he comes home and he wants to be there for his son and we both want to hyphenate his last name with his fathers name without having to go through all the unnecessary support and dna. How do I go about doing this? We don't wanna change his last name just hyphenate it with his fathers name. Can I do this without all the hassel!?we both know he is the father and my son doesn't want just one of our names he wants to keep his name but add his fathers name on to his.


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When we did my son's name change (hospital got his name incorrect, but I never realized it until we applied for a passport), we just had to submit notarized forms to the court, who ran it in the local paper for a set amount of time. If the courts don't receive any protest against the change, then the judge signs the order of change, sends it to the vital records dept, and you get notified that your son's name change was approved, and a copy of the changed certificate.

Start by contacting the local court system in your area. Clerk of court was very helpful here. We didn't need an attorney, we didn't need "specific" forms.


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If you didn't hyphenate his name on the birth certificate, then what you want to do now constitutes a legal name change and you will have to follow due court process to achieve it. I'm not sure who you see about that in the US, but in the UK you would consult a solicitor to get the paperwork drawn up and notarized, so it may well be an attorney.

I had to do this to clear up an anomaly regarding my name: my parents changed my surname to match my step-father's after my mother remarried when I was three, but although they got written permission from my father they didn't follow the full legal procedure, meaning that my legal name and my actual name were out of sync for 35 years before I found out. This caused huge problems and was quite expensive to fix.

Anyway, If you follow the process correctly and show all the resulting paperwork to people like doctors, then there is no reason why they will not amend your child's name in their system. You then have to keep a copy of all of the legal paperwork along with your child's birth certificate, because birth certificates are not reissued. Any time in your child's life that they have to present their certificate to prove identity, they will need to show the name change legal documents at the same time.

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this should have happened when the child was born. but you have to go through the courts, they have forms, and you have to submit it to the courts. then you have to go show the doctor that your child needs so that they can correct the shot records (but you have to HOPE that your child's doctor will do it) THEN you have to go to the social security office and present them the shot records and the court order. then you wait several weeks to receive that. THEN You have to send in all this info to the birth certificate place and wait several weeks to get that. THEN you have to send all this info to the school to get it changed there.

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