how do I go about terminating my sons fathers rights

Emmy - posted on 07/01/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 13 months old. The first 8 months of his life his "dad" saw him a total of 33 times.never called visits always very short three or four times less then twenty mins.I am getting married to a wonderful man who stepped in for him. My son loves him and calls him dada and he wants to adopt him after we get married(oct 2013).I tried from day one to keep his father involed and he doesnt want to when he was 2 months old he stopped talking to me for almost three moths and my son was in the hospital. He started coming back around once he reliezed i had a bf but is now tapering off again but then comes back demanding things like over nights which i do not feel comfertable with at all . my son is very nervous around him. any ideas how we could go about doing this adoption. ps i have physical sole custody


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Why would you want to take this from your child knowing his father? As the others said its going to take a lot of court time and money. Can you afford to do that to start with. In some places the parent has to want to opt out of the child's life. Do you even know if he really wants to be out of his child's life? Have you asked this? Sometimes people do not know how to handle situations such as becoming a parent. Its a sad state when people start having kids and then have all this drama to go with it. Just make it plain and simple. Set up boundries for the father to follow about coming to see his child. Make him give you so much advance warning before coming like 24 to 48 hours. Have him to visit so you can be there and make sure your child is safe and what not. Just do not take this away from the child. Its important that they know who they are and where they come from not only that but for health reasons. Unless you know the background of such diseases as heart disease, diabetes, and other major health concerns in the father's family do not totally take him out of the picture.


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Hate to break it to you, but that's not going to happen. I have full legal and physical custody of my daughter and her father ASKED to give up his rights and the judge still said no. He was not allowing him to weasel out of his financial obligation. My daughter testified against her father in court, he was caught lying in court, there was proof of psychological abuse and attempted parental alienation and the judge still originally ordered 49% visitation.

IF you decide to take this to court and fight for his rights to be revoked, look to spend about $10,000. IF you actually win, look to spend about $2500 more on the adoption process.

My advice, listen to Dove's advice.

Dove - posted on 07/01/2013




If your ex wants to be involved (even just occasionally) and he isn't an actual danger to your child.... you don't. Your son deserves to know his bio-father and have a relationship with him.

When my youngest was the age of your son.... he had seen his father only ONE time past 2 months old. My son is 5 now and still barely has a relationship w/ his father, but he LOVES him and LOVES to see him and I would never take that away from him.

Why can't your soon to be husband just be an awesome stepfather and keep the door open for your son to know his birth father?

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You will have to do it through the court system and the biological father would have to agree to give up all rights. Your soon to be husband can't adopt him unless that happens.

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