how do i handle biting?

User - posted on 10/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




So my son will be two in less than a month and he has been getting worse and worse about biting people and im about to my wits end with it. Whenever I ask someone about it they say oh hes to young to understand what hes doing...umm no hes not he will tell you hes going to bite you or tell you he bit someone else...and some people keep telling me to bite him back...umm HELL NO! (excuse my language) there is no way i will ever bite my child for one and for two whats that going to do besides show him its ok to do it?!!! i have tried time out by making him sit down exactly where it happened and telling him biting is bad ive tried putting him in his room by himself with no toys for a few minutes at a time then again telling him biting is bad it hurts people...but he will just turn around and do it again. my poor 5 year old daughter has bite marks all up and down her arms i really dont know what to do!

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