How do I handle children bullying my son?

Dianne - posted on 09/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I live in a mobile home community. There are children of the same family bullying my son as well as other children in the community. We have all gone to their parents regarding this matter. They believe their children when they say that they didn't do it. What do I do as a parent to deal with this? How do we as a community deal with this issue when the management won't do anything about it. A few of the children won't even go outside and play because of this. A few cry and become ill every morning when they have to go to the bus stop and go to school with these children.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/11/2012




Can you video tape the exchanges between these other children and the rest of the kids in the neighborhood? You'll need solid proof of the action before the parents will do anything. Alternatively, you can correct those kids as needed, verbally, each time you encounter the behaviour. When their parents come to question you (and they will, believe me) you can sweetly tell them that if they won't teach their kids proper behaviour, then you'll stick up for the rest of the kids on the block until those kids figure out what proper behaviour is supposed to be.

If this is getting physical between the children, you need to document each and every altercation, date, time, who's involved, who threw first, etc. If it continues, press charges.

But, I'd start with the video and work from there.

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