How do I handle my boyfriends 7 year old with my 2 year old?

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My boyfriend has a 7 year old daughter and I have a 2 year old son. She really is a great kid, it's just that she get to be overbearing or too hyper with my son. She loves playing with him, but will ask him multiple questions really fast and simply won't give him a minute to even comprehend what she's talking about before she's onto the next topic or question. He ends up just shutting down because he's overwhelmed. I don't think my boyfriend remembers just what a 2 year old is like because he at times joins in the constant chatter at him or tries to bargain/reason with him like he does his daughter? How do I fix this situation and let both dad and daughter know that she needs to back off a bit?


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It could be worth joining in when the two children are playing and leading by example. When she starts the questions, ask her to let your son answer the question - maybe say something along the lines of '1 question at a time please'.

As for your bf, maybe worth talking to him and asking him nicely to help you slow down the questions/conversation so that your son has a chance to get a word in. Also let him know that he does not need to do everything high speed/intense with his daughter or when both children are together.

See it as two issues - firstly daughter, her playing with your son should be able to be adapted fairly quickly with guidance. Remember to set up some boundaries/rules (slow down speech, back off a bit).

Secondly Dad - worth sitting down with him and having an adult conversation with him. then go from there.

Thirdly - is there anything that you and your son can do to help the situation?

Remember with the two children - let them know what you expect from both of them when playing together and also praise the behaviour you like.

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