How do I handle step children that manipulate

Amy - posted on 01/23/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I don't know where to begin really. But I have a step daughter that plays her parents against each other constantly, which is helped along by a mom who only wants to be a best friend to her and wants to make sure the kids look at dad (my now husband) as a glorified babysitter. Dad wants to "keep the peace" and I am so ready to just scream from frustration. Dad will not call mom or daughter out even in blatant lies yet he complains about the situation.
I have children as well and I understand being "mom" who has to send her children to dad's house with a step mom (although we have no co parenting between my ex and myself. Its what happens on my time and what happens in his time.) Big differences in our situation are that my children go to their dad's every other weekend for 2 nights and 2 afternoons throughout the week( court ordered). His children are with us what is supposed to be a 50/50 split. Although his kids go to mom's house everyday and he isn't allowed to get them until mom says they are ready ( not court ordered). I am to the point I font even want them in my house because they act as though the rules I set dont exsist and for dad to enforce them causes drama with the ex and their daughter.

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