How do I help my 4 year old daughter get out of pull ups at night?

Jamie - posted on 01/26/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, I'm definitely to the point where I know she can do it. I feel she just doesn't want to try. That may seem like a harsh assumption, but it's true. It almost seems like a game anymore. She went through a faze when she was early 3 of not wetting at night for a while. Now it's just getting harder. I try to cut her drinks back at a reasonable hour. Tried waking her to get her in the habit. Tried no pull-up for a few nights hoping she wouldn't like her bed wet. Just out of ideas and hoping someone has the cure.


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Jodi - posted on 01/26/2015




20% of children are still wetting the bed at night at the age of 5. Your daughter is perfectly normal. Maybe just give her a bit more time.

Dove - posted on 01/26/2015




You don't. It is perfectly normal for a child at 4 to need a pull up at night. What makes you think it's a game to her? Just because she can stay dry some of the time? Yeah.... I dealt w/ a kid that had wet beds for FOUR years... not every night, but started out about once a week and gradually got to the point that it was only happening every few months. I 100% guarantee you it was not a game to her and she did not do it on purpose.

Now... if she were 8 and still doing it... I'd say be proactive if she needs and wants some help to stop. Otherwise... let her body mature in its own time. It WILL happen. If she is ready... any 'trick' will work. If she isn't... nothing will and that sounds like exactly where you are at w/ her right now.

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