How do I help my depressed , defiant , suicidal daughters???

Louise - posted on 01/08/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm overwhelmed & exhausted! I have three daughters who all feed off each others negativity and constantly fight. And struggling with individual depression and suicidal thoughts & behavior . Also I'm struggling with their ODD!! It's driving me crazy!


Mardi - posted on 01/09/2014




How old are your daughters and how long has this been going on???

I recall my kid all fighting and arguing about who should be the priority etc and get the attention......I walked in and informed them I was starting my own 'What about me, club' and from now on it wasn't all about them, but all about me first......and I made sure my actions shortly after confirmed that I was looking after my own well being first.

It didn't mean I didn't love them, it ment, for my own sanity sake, I was no longer going to be sucked into all their dramas. I gave them the tools they needed to sort themselves out and went from there, but I wouldn't get pulled in.

They didn't like it, but things did settle down and we were all able to live together a while longer.

I'd be honestly telling them, you love them and want to support them, but to help them, you cant do it for them. It may mean runnign them to an appointment or answering their calls when they ring. Even better set them up as support for each other.......they can live in a negative world, or flip the coin and find the positives.

Gena - posted on 01/09/2014




Are you in therapy with them?I think a profesional should help with this problem especialy when suicide thoughts are involved.


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Louise - posted on 01/09/2014




My girls are 21,16,15 .
My 15 is the easiest out of the three. My 21 won't leave or do anything
And my 16 is giving me the most trouble. But they all get easily triggered by each other . Touching stuff with out asking, talking sassy to each other . Then they get loud and destructive.
We have a therapist involved but that is for my 16 year old. I'm trying to find one for the other girls. My 16 yr old has been in & out of the treatment center . Still trying to find & utilize resources.

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