How do I juggle being a working mom, doing house chores and giving attention to everyone?

Annemare - posted on 06/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can please give me some advice on this problem because I'm really struggling with this or anyone that can share if they have the same problem.

I'm a working mom (working full time from 8-5pm every day) and my husband and I have two boys aged 8 and 10, and I'm finding it really hard to juggle between work and chores at home because I don't have a helper I have to literally do everything myself at home with cleaning and cooking and making sure everyone is happy.

And my children are always complaining that I don't take a break or that I'm not spending enough time with them because I'm always busy and that makes me very sad because I want to spend time with them and my husband but I also need to do the cleaning up and cooking...

If anyone can please help me with some advice I would really appreciate it very much

Kind Regards


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/17/2014




First, the house is shared by 4 people, so 4 people should be contributing to the care and upkeep of the home!

Your kids are more than old enough to be doing their own chores, cleaning rooms, helping keep public areas straight, and taking care of basic duties such as putting away some dishes, helping with kitchen duties, and helping with yard duties. Your husband is also more than capable of doing his share. Mine does MORE than his share, actually, because we are a partnership, and we've always shared all of our duties.

Start by having a family meeting and outline your expectations of the rest of the family. There is no rule book that says mom has to do everything, and by trying to do so, you'll only drive yourself crazy.

Since my kids were old enough for simple chores, they've had 'em. Yes, it started with putting dirty clothes in bin, and toys in their places, and as they grew they took on more. Before my eldest moved out, he was doing the household laundry, and taking care of his room, plus cooking one or two nights a week. His brother had his room, and bathroom areas, as well as yard duty (dog poop) and recycling. Now that the eldest is out, the younger has taken those cooking nights, as well as stepped up with some of what his brother did, in addition to what his 'regular' responsibilities are.

It's always a work in progress.

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