how do I keep my son's father away.

Kailey - posted on 11/19/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I left my son's father about four years ago while I was still pregnant. He was abusive to me and used drugs constantly. He has been incarcerated throught my son's life, and only saw him six times before my son turned 8 months. I have never talked about the father to my son, and he has wonderful male role models with my four brothers and my father.

Niw the situation is I'm working on my BA, I have a wonderful job in my field, and I am doing great financially. My son's father has never paid child support, and when my son was about 8 months old I tried to take his father to court so I could get sole custody (I do not want him to be near my son, and I do not care about child support). But he went to prison before the court date, and I didnt know what I could do.

Now that my son is three, his father found my new phone number and text me asking to see him. He said he's off of probation and has a great job. I am livid because I do not want him in my son's life at all. It's been he and I since day one, and I know introducing him to his father will be a radical change in everything, including his learning and development.

What I'm looking for is a way to keep his father away. Regardless if he changed his life around (which is awesome for him if he really has), but I do not want him to come in and take my son away.


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Ev - posted on 11/19/2014




I agree with Michelle on this one. Also, you have to take into account since you do not have any custody set with the court, he has just as much right to that child as you do. Also if you deny him he can take you to court for parental alienation. He can also just go file for visitation to be able to see his son and he can get it. You have not seen this man or talked to him in about 3 years or so. You do not really know him anymore. You only know what you knew from the past. Regardless of his changing or not, he has every right to know his child too. As far as the child's learning and development, its not going to harm the child. It will mean changes but the child will learn to adjust to those changes. Pretty much all children do. Also if you deny this child a chance to know his father, your son might resent you for that and I know that it has happened.

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He's got every right to see and parent the child that you and he created together. After all, you, at one point in your life, thought he was worth having sex with.

You do not have the right to withhold his child from him, and doing so could result in you being charged with alienation.

Get a court date set, get custody and support arranged, and get a visitation schedule set up for your son.

If you choose not to, and choose to ignore his requests, he will have the option to file against you for custody, and support, as well as parental alienation. Be smart.

Michelle - posted on 11/19/2014




You have no right to keep a child away from their Father. You chose to have a child with him and he has just as much right as you do to be in his child's life.
You should go to court and get visitation sorted out ASAP.

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