How do i know if my 17 year old daughter has aspergers?

Marianne - posted on 06/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 17 year old daughter has always been a handful. She is loving (when she feels like it) and very determined but has always struggled socially. She has always found it difficult to make friends. She is in year 12, her last year of high school. She has seen the school councilor several times to talk about social issues at school. She wanted to see a psychologist to help her clear her head. I took her to see a psychologist that specialises in teenagers, but after several weeks, was not able to work my daughter out!. She would say and behave 1 way when with the psychologist and completely different at home. The psych gave her strategies to work on, but once she left the psych office, she didn't care or want to try. She attaches herself to objects (at the moment a necklace with her favorite band name on it) and believes that by having this on it calms her down. School confiscated the necklace (because it is not school uniform) & she had a complete meltdown at school. Screaming and yelling at the teacher, saying that she may die without it. The school completely ignored this, saying she was over reacting, which is true for any other 17 year old. She also still has tantrums, (anywhere and anytime) screams at me & her dad about the most ridiculous things, says things to us then swears black & blue that she didn't say it and refuses to accept advise or comments from anyone else. She also threatens to harm her 13 yo sister. I've done some research on the internet, and aspergers is the only thing I've come up with. Can anyone please help???


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