How do I know if my 4 year old daughter has a UTI?

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About 5 days ago my daughter started to pee only once a day. When she would pee it would always be around 8pm and she would cry and whine, but when she was done peeing (which was ALOT) she was fine and she would go back playing. During the day it didn't bother her and she wasn't uncomfortable. Now for two nights in a row she would pee ALOT two times in a row and cry and cry for an hour afterwards about how it hurts. She would also try to itch down there...and I would have to put a pull up on her so she wouldn't. Her doctor said it was a yeast infection and gave me some Nystatin for it. I am not so sure this is correct though because its been one day and its not helping her at all...this is the first time I had to go through this! If anyone has any advice on what to do now please help! To me she has no other symptoms of a UTI but sometimes you don't need symptoms to have something right?


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I agree with Kate.
Until you get an answer, i would give her some sugar free cranberry juice to ease her symptoms.

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I know this sounds odd but Ive heard of regular plain yogurt working, as it has all the natural cultures in it to boost your immune system, you can actually apply some and see if it helps. I would be very careful though, it could be kidney stones for all you know and she's holding it most of the day or having another serious illness. No, please don't freak out but just keep it in the back of your mind that if it continues longer than a yeast infection normally should, that maybe you want to see a different pediatrition. the not peeing but once a day thing is what sounds to me it might be something totally different. she should be going more.. there's no way. no one goes pee once a day. good luck hun

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If she is only urinating once a day you may have a more serious issue. Personally if it were my daughter and she was in that much pain i would be at the ER. Rather be safe than sorry in my book. One of the things we would always watch for when i was in the medical field was how much output a pt was having and how often they voided, that is generally what would send "red flags" that something was going on, Hope you figure things out soon

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Did he do a urinalysis on her? Unless he took a pee sample from her then the answer is no. A yeast infection in little girls is rarely internal. So unless she has what looks like a diaper rash on her vagina I would be willing to bet she has a UTI. I would either take her back and tell him she needs a urinalysis or get a second opinion.

PS: Yes, it sounds like she has a UTI and *not* a yeast infection.


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