how do i know my child is telling the truth of another child showing his private parts to my child

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i need help, this is my first situation with this kinda thing, i know children
dont always tell the truth but i feel you should always listen to your child when they tell you something, im in a relationship for almost a year now and my b/f has a 7 year old child and my daughter is turning 5 in december and she has told her teacher at the creche that he pulled off
his pants and showed his private parts, now i feel like hurting this boy for doing this but dont know what to do coz my b/f will never think its the truth that his little boy is doing this, but i will not stay anywhere where my child is in harm not for anyone, i know im gonna loose it as soon as this child comes home the weekend and im gonna say the wrong things coz im so angry but i need advise how to handle this coz i dont want my child to think im not on her side and dont believe her, coz she is all i have and i will go through anything for my child.

What should i do?


Brandi - posted on 06/22/2012




I definitely agree with the other ladies, at the age of 7 I think imt had a lot more to to with him showing off his "boy parts" than with anything sexual. It should still be discussed because he needs to know that that type of behavior isn't appropriate, but it should be discussed in a way that doesn't make either child feel like "the bad one". And if you explain to your boyfriend what happened in a way that doesn't seem like you are accusing his son, he might be more understanding than you think. Now, if it happens again after it has been discussed, then I would consider removing yourself and your daughter from the situation. Hope this helps.

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Believe her, the little boy probably did show her his private bits. You know, most little boys are very proud of their "willies". My son is 5 and loves to show off his willy. We are teaching him that it isn't appropriate to "wave his willy in the wind" so to speak and that other people are not as interested in it as he is. Perhaps no one has taught the little boy this? At seven years old, it is unlikely to be sexual in nature, just a little boy who "loves his bits"! Believe your daughter, but also talk to your BF about teaching the boy about what is appropriate and what isn't. No need to be accusing or to make your BF and his son feel like they are wrong but just to point out that it's time to learn these things so he doesn't do the wrong thing later on.


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I agree with the other ladies. Boys that age tend to be very proud of their penises and love showing it off. It's not malicious or meant to be harmful in any way. He's probably just as innocent as she is.

Breathe. Relax. The kid most likely did NOT mean any harm and did not mean it in a sexual way whatsoever. I remember when I was that age, my friend's older brother (around the same age) used to run in when we were getting ready to sleep, and would waggle his weiner at us. He wasn't harming us or being perverted -- he was just being a young boy.

I would relax and take a few deep breaths, and then go to my boyfriend and say, "Um, you might want to have a little chat with (boy's name) about personal privacy. Evidently he's been showing off his parts to (girl's name). I'm not mad -- I know that this is pretty normal for a boy his age, but he does need to learn what's appropriate and what's not."

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I think at that age they realize the difference between being a boy and being a girl, (I was that age once, and did the same) so personaly I wouldnt make a fuss about it. they're still young to know what sex is and how to do it. Get the two of them together and ask them both at the same time, tell them in a calm voice that its ok to tell the truth, and nothing is gonna happen, that ur not going to yell at them for hm showing his penis, and for her not telling you. there is no sides to this, cause they' too young. dont lose your mind over this, not worth it. hope this helps

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