how do i know what excat day i concieve


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Michelle - posted on 01/14/2015




You don't. They measure a pregnancy 40 weeks from the start of your last period.
If you have had multiple partners in the month you will need to do a DNA test.

Raye - posted on 01/14/2015




If you're having sex nearly every day, it is probably impossible to know the exact day that you conceive. Sperm can last 3-4 days in your body, and your egg can be fertilized up to 2 days after ovulation. So, if you have tracked your ovulation cycle you can guess it happened within a day or two after ovulation (but if you've had multiple partners within that week, you still would not know who the father is without a DNA test). The doctor will go back to your last period when determining your due date, which is not accurate at all, but they do that because there's really no way for them to know the exact day it happened.

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