how do i know when having another baby wont affect my daughter in a bad way?

Alisha - posted on 05/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've got baby fever bad. But I want to do whats right for my daughter. Shes use to haveing everyone attenchen ALL the time. I want to have more children but i dont want her to feel lke shes being pushed aside becuz we all know new borns need lots an lots of attchen. But i dont want to wait till she 5 or6 to have another baby. shes almost 2 now and she potty trained and sleeping in her own bed most of the time, she doesnt quite sleep threw the night bt shes geting better and better every night. So how do I know when i can start trying to have another baby without her feeling gelous or pushed aside, or forgotten, or left out????


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Amy - posted on 05/22/2012




My son was 3 when I was pregnant with his sister. It was a very similar situation to your, he was the only grandkid for both sets of grandparents and our undivided attention. We talked to him about having a baby brother or sister, when I was pregnant he was very involved. My husband came with me to every doctors appointment and so did my son. My doctor let him raise the bed and put the jelly on my belly. He picked out how his sisters room was going to be decorated and ultimately he chose her name.

My son never felt pushed aside or forgotten. When my friends came to visit me at home or in the hospital they brought my son a present, not just something for the baby. I made a point when I came home from the hospital to spend an hour with just him everyday, and my husband and family kept him active and busy. I'm not going to lie it wasn't all great when the baby came home, my son is not a good sleeper so every time the baby woke up he woke up too. I spend many nights going back and forth between the two of them since my husband works nights I was on my own but we survived. They are now 6 and 2 and she adores her big brother and he loves her too but just doesn't say it all the time!

Kaitlin - posted on 05/22/2012




It's an adjustment at any age. As they get older, they get more and more accustomed to having it the same way- they may be more understanding, but they are also more stubborn, lol.
Go for it now if you and your husband are ready.

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