how do i leave form this situation or if i am just not thinking straight here

Kaylea - posted on 10/15/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




ok so ive been with by sons dad for three years and about a year ago i found out he cheated on me with his ex fiance. and while he was doing that his friends were trying to tell me and i didn't believe them. and then he confessed to me that he did. and now his friends are telling me whats going on and my boyfreind told me its just because they want in my pants. and ive noticed over the last year he lost all interest in me and i started to feel un happy and when i told him how i felt and he said i was dumb for feeling that way. and we now fight more than ever and i hate the fighting and the tension when were together and its frustrating thati cant talk to him because he wont listen and all he says is ''everything is always my fault and im always wrong'' when im trying to tell him that we both have things we need to work on. and im in counselling to help me with my feelings and it hasent changed my mind im just not happy and dont want to fight anymore but i do live with him and his family does alot for us and me and they live literally 2 seconds away as do his grand parents and his sister and he makes me feel bad because i dont want them doing all of this stuff for us because i want us to be the ones supporting our selves because were more than capeble of doing it but my question is how do you leave a situation like this so that the everything isn't complete chaos and so hard on every one. and we have tried everything to make it work atleast i have he dosent think anything is wrong with the way we live and that its my fault that nothing is working any input here will help thank you

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