How do I make my 16 year old daughter to like school?


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Dove - posted on 07/26/2014




You don't make her like school, but like Evelyn stated you get her to focus on what she wants to do in life and emphasize the importance of a good education to make that happen.

Ev - posted on 07/26/2014




I do not know that you would be able to make her like school, but you do need to note the importance of a good high school education to her. Tell her that without it, she won't even be able to hold even a basic job like in a fast food place or a movie theater because they will require that diploma. She needs to understand that if she wishes to go to college or tech school she needs to finish her high school education with good grades or none of those other schools will look at her. Tell her it is important to finish her assignments and get them turned in.

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