How do I make my 3 year old son sleep in his room?

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My son has to sleep downstairs on the couch. He absolutely refuses to sleep upstairs in his room. If take him to his room at bed time he screams and kicks and will have a full thrown tantrum for hours. If I let him fall asleep on the couch and try and take him upstairs to his room, he wakes up and demands that I put him down and starts having a fit. How do I get him to sleep in his room?


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Make sure his mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on. Make sure the springs of the both the mattress and the box spring are not poking through into the material of the mattress. Maybe he wants different sheets and curtains, ask him. He is old enough to tell you that Mator is good but Mickey is bad.

Get a calender for the current year, (make one by hand if necessary). Use stickers to "reward" him for sleeping in his room (at first). Each morning that he wakes in his room, he gets to choose a sticker for the calender. He gets to place it the day before. After 5 stickers, buy him a small something from the Dollar Store. After another 10, the prize can be an ice cream cone from McDonald's. After another 20 (or whatever you choose), a larger "prize" from Dollar Store. After another 50 (or how ever many number you want) a trip to Chuck E Cheese or similar place near you. If he goofs and sleeps the night on the couch, he has to start that section over. The idea behind making the large prize be so many nights is so you can budget for it.

We had the same issue with our daughter but she slept in the hallway instead of on the couch. We started this calender reward as a way for her to stay in her bed. She was almost complete with the 20 night section when she slept on the hallway floor, oh boy was she upset with herself the next morning when she realized where she was waking up.

You can change the length of nights needed for each section. You can change the prizes as well. The cost to me outside of the prizes was 0 as I had an extra calender from the bank and I already had the stickers as well.

I would tackle this in two parts. Once he sleeps in his room all night then I would start getting him to stay in his bed using the same tactics.

I guess all else fails, you could place a small couch in his room for him to sleep on. To me that sounds to like a reward though, so be careful.

Good luck.

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