how do i make my 8 month old baby eat semi solid food?

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Please suggest me how do i make my 8 month old boy eat semi solid food. He is only on breastmilk and does not like anything thing apart from that. I tried applesauce, cereal, mashed banana, soup but he is just not ready to accept anything, the only thing he likes is yougurt which he eats once a day and nothing other than that. Please any advice?


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Why make him? It sounds like you are forcing your 8 month old to eat if he is clearly not ready. Continue with the breastmilk! I would highly stay far, far away with soup since it is high in sodium (unless homemade and you do not add salt). Offer one food at a time. He might try it, he might reject it. My son completely rejected the baby cereal. Also, when we tried banana, I mushed it down with breastmilk. You may want to try that as well. Good luck, but please do not force your infant to eat! he will when he's good and ready to.


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My son took his first bite of 'solid' food at 6 months, but his interest was so rare and random that he wasn't eating on a daily basis until around a year... and even had days up to around 18 months where all he had was breastmilk (usually when sick though).

I'd certainly keep offering, but don't worry about what he does and doesn't eat. Breastmilk is all they NEED under a year. Food is just for fun and practice.

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I agree with Sharon. Although it is nice to get them in a habit of trying and getting familiar with solids, they shouldn't be forced upon him. Trying to make him eat will likely just turn him away even more.

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Try to give him the yougurt that has fruit in it if thats the only thing he likes.You can also try mixing the cereal with the yogurt so he can try different tastes. I also believe there is a cereal with yougurt too.I guess you have to start getting his tastebuds open to other things and that might help. Im also a breastfeeding mom and one of the things my mom encouraged me to do was to stick my finger in whatever food i was eating and put it in my daughters mouth so she could taste things.

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Stay consistent in the time of day when you are starting foods. Babies this young develop a sense of routine and if he is expecting it each morning, then the battle is half won before you begin. Also, try the foods first thing in the morning, when he is most hungry. He might be willing to try anything at breakfast since he's gone most of the night w/out anything. Mix the cereal w/ expressed breast milk. This will give him a taste he is used to w/ the new texture.

Some babies are resistant to new textures also. You might try soft solid foods cut really really small. The mushiness could be his turn-off.

Hope this helps.

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