How do I make my toddler eat?

Linda - posted on 11/14/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 22 months, and eventhough he has never been an avid eater (except for breast milk), he has decided NOT to eat most of the time!! This has been going on for around two months!!! I have tried soooo many ways an foods!!! I really need help!! Any advice?

By the way.... I already asked his ped, and he gave him vitamins...


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Linda - posted on 11/30/2011




Thanks ALOT for your help!!! Sorry Teresa I wasn't specific.. he's not breastfed anymore, that's why I'm worried!!
Thaks for the idea Michelle!! I tried today with a cookie doing the cookie monster and he ate one!! So, thanks!!
Shelly, if this behaviour continues I will have to use Ensure...because every meal time is horrible for me and my hubby!! Thank you all!!!
What I did see is that he has a molar growing..

Michelle - posted on 11/15/2011




Have you tried making the food fun? For instance, cutting the food into fun shapes, making it different colours, etc. If you blended the food and shaped it using a small amount of breadcrumbs or egg to bind it you could make dinosaurs, as an example. Then you could make a game of it - making roaring sounds and say "i'm going to eat you mr dinosaur" and gobble it up - in a silly fashion. He may well copy you. OK so that may sound all very silly but if it gets him eating them perhaps it's worth a try.

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Is he still breastfed? If so... I wouldn't worry about his food intake at all, but make sure you offer him solid foods before nursing. Offer him healthy foods that you know (or at least think) he likes at regular intervals and let him decide what and how much he eats.

When one of my best friend's kids was 2ish.... she would literally lick the syrup off a waffle and be done w/ breakfast most days.... I think she might still be a picky eater, but she's a happy, healthy 9 year old now. ;)

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My 2 yr old basically lives on Ensure. She will eat maybe a tablespoon of grilled chicken, half a slice of toast, or pretzels. She has huge issues with textures & won't eat a food if it is wet, say if it has a sauce on it.

My 12 month old is still refusing solids, and he won't even think about it. Today I offered him a bite of bread & he ran from me!

My ped's dr isn't worried at all. They will eat when they want to. I don't want to have battles over food & make it a negative thing for them.

I offer my 2 yr old new things but they are not forced on her & I make sure she has her Ensure. My 1 year old is given formula in rice milk & I offer him food also which he just spits out. I am not going to make my day hell by starving my kids & then trying to force feed a cranky upset child. Both kids are getting what they need in one way or another & I am happy with that.

Kari - posted on 11/14/2011




My son went and still does that. His ped told me that it was normal for children to do that when going thru growth spurts. My son is now 4 and doesnt eat alot. But he is VERY tall for his age. So, my ped was right about growth spurts. He'll eat when he is hungry. If he doesnt than it may be because he is getting too much fluids. Try cutting back on his drinks for a little while (not saying dont let him drink anything) and see if that helps.

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