how do i make sure my daughter with ADHDis ready for the real world


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Although everyone must do what they are comfortable with as far as ADD/ADHD medicine, I opted for ritalin LA when my son was in 2nd grade. The change in him was remarkable! Previously labeled as lazy and written off as stupid, by the end of 3rd grade he was a straight A student whose self confidence was through the roof. It was the right option for my son.

Asiling - posted on 06/08/2011




thanks girls it is so over whelming and i feel so protective of her that it is driving us both nuts , just to hear i doing the right things hepls

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I have a son with ADD (and I also have it). Along with the usual info you can find on the web, it's also good to teach her tips to cope with her ADHD. Some things that I do are: get a good night sleep (7-8 hours min), exercise/get outside, organize everything, manage my time by using an alarm clock or timer, make lists for everything, break a large task down into smaller task (so it doesn't seem so overwhelming), declutter-removes distractions, use post-its to help remind yourself of things that need to be done.

Melanie - posted on 06/01/2011




you will never know until they are exposed to the real world - only then will you know what more to do

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