How do I monitor what my kids watch on youtube?

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My kids have their own laptops to do schoolwork as well as play games. However they are also hooked on youtube. I cannot filter what they can and cant watch on youtube. There are some good things to watch but also some inapproriate things. Does anyone have a good system< My kids are 13 and 14yo. Thanks


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Also download a program onto their laptops that tracks their keystrokes so you have a record of everything they have typed into the computer. This will allow you to see every website they have visited and everything they type.

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Amber - posted on 01/27/2013




I think on youtube there is a safety setting, so you can only view non-innerpropriate videos. All the innerpropriate video's you have to make a youtube account or be 18 to watch them. Check their computers history so you can monitor what they are doing.

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Parental controls. Every computer has them. Activate them, create a password your kids cannot guess. YouTube has a rating. You choose the rating of the sites your kids can go to. If they try to access YouTube, it will give them an error message or ask for an administrative password. That's the moment that it sucks to be them lol

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