How do I motivate my 14 year old boy to take his studies serious

Tando - posted on 05/11/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




MY 14 year old son of ine doesn't take his studies seriously,his teacher said he do have potential but his very playfull and disruptive in class.I've talked to him,cried in front of him ,spanking him and begging him to to take his future seriously,but he continues to lie to me and said all is well in his school whereas his still disruptive.Please help me because I promised myself that I will never spank him again,all this situation is killing me by day.


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Becca - posted on 05/17/2017




Talk to him about what he wants to do in the future. Discuss how important an education is. I know you are disappointed with his behavior, but I wonder if there is something going on that causes him to act out. I also suggest that you talk with him and try to find out why he is disruptive in class. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 05/12/2017




Spanking won't work so no point even going there.
I have found that the more you push, the less they will do. I was the same and just wasn't any god at school.
My 16yo is more than capable of doing very well but I can't make him, it has to come from him. Have you had a real discussion with him about why he is like that? I mean actually listening to him, not telling him what he should be doing.

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