how do i move on from my baby daddy

Zanele - posted on 04/17/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey mom's am Zanele... Pls help me... I've been dating da father of my son since I was in high school, he broke my virginity. While we wer dating he had ups and downs, he always wanted breaks n spaces during our dating. At times I cried.. Coz he was sayin 80% I'm da 1 who always make hm angry n da 20% its hm... I was always at blame of anything in da relationship, I always apologise even if am nt at fault jus for peace sake.. Fel pregnant wen I was at my tertiary education, n on dat time we wer 9yrs in a relationship.I tot coz I was pregnant he was gona b sensitive on me n da baby, Bt he ddnt. I gave birth on da 14th of Feb 2012 to a baby boy name "Sihle" . So he only came wen da baby is awake if Hs slepin he was NT.. So dats wen I've realized dat he no longer interested in me.. Wen da baby was 6 weeks I was hospitalized for two weeks for appendix, was operated twice. He was NT supportive while I needed hm da most, he ddnt answer my calls, up until I was discharged.. Soo da routine was da same of comin while da baby was awake, wen i asked he said , now its Hs chance to kiss Hs son, for me he was kissing since. So on our 10yr anniversary I pushed him, to confess wat was happening between us, coz I was confused. Dan we broke up dat day. At da moment Las yr he had another son wit another gal. He came n told me da whole story bout how da met n how da baby was a mistake n sayin da gal tricked hm of seeing Hs house n car... So Hs nt inlove hm her. At da end he said maybbat da end he shud end up wit me, 2 mnths later he asked me n my son to go slep over to Hs house, n I refused. Last yr Dec 2016 I decided to clear things up, coz I was confused at tyms Hs ok wit at tyms Hs moody.. So I told hm I stil love hm.. N he said he doesn't hav any feelings for me da only thing he has for me is dat I hav a special place in Hs heart.. N If I shud move on I cn like tomorrow, my heart was broken by i told hm at least now I knw we cleared things n our chapter is closed. I even went to counselling for help. Wen met new guys I always think bout hm, Which is unfair to da Ada guy.. At da moment at single NT dating anyone up until I get help


Michelle - posted on 04/19/2017




You know what, that was far too hard to read.
Maybe learn to write properly instead of street text talk and people will be able to help you
I will say that we all go through break ups and it takes time. You don't have to date, concentrate on your child.

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