How do I not end up resenting my 24 year old son more than I do? He is driving me to the point that I cringe hearing the door unlock. He was in university, dropped out blaming OSAP for shorting his funding ( they did but it was workable. He was the perfect adorable well mannered and compassionate son one could ever want. After 3 years of school and partying he changed. Got caught up in pot, disappeared for 6 weeks, lived on anyone's sofa and began to follow the Myans so God was kicked out. He moved home but left in handcuffs after threatening suicide. He is making me nervous. All and I mean all talks end up with me being the bad selfish mom. This he tells everyone. He moved back in and has gone from job to job to no job to everyone in town knows him. He says he is depressed but only he is I titled to be. Christmases coming. My only holiday I so enjoy. He doesn't want anything , his way of playing victim again by saying he is

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We are both victims. We're and how does this stop. I'm start to get a little scared.


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Do you think you could get you and him into some sort of family councelling? Either that or individual councelling for both of you? It sounds like there are some major issues going on that need to be dealt with. If he's threatening suicide that isn't good and he needs professional help. If he's unwilling to take the help you should still seek your own councellor who you can figure out how to deal with him and this situation. Even if you can just convince him to try a family councellor out, or find one and ask if he'd come with you to a session, that would be good.

There is to much time and to many dynamics to solve this all on your own.

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