how do i not obsess about having another baby and focus on the beautiful one i have

Julie - posted on 10/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am the blushing mother of a beautiful happy 7 month old. I want to have another baby and have recently found myself obsessing about having another one. I dont want to miss out on a minute of time spent with my baby now but keep finding myself googling "pregnancy topics" and such. How do i let go of this crazy obsession and focus on my sweet baby girl?


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Chet - posted on 11/01/2014




We have pretty closely spaced children. I got pregnant with our second when our first was 7 months old. I got pregnant with our forth when our third was 8 months old. And the main reason there is 2.5 years between our second and third is that I had a miscarriage.

I don't feel that closely spaced kids made us miss out on anything. It just had it's positives and negatives - like anything.

I was tired when I was pregnant, but I could nap when the baby napped. When I was nursing the baby I'd read or sing or chat with the other kids. It was really nice. I found that I just had to be creative in finding ways to include everyone... instead of trying to divide myself between them. I wore the baby in soft carrier a lot so they were close, but I still had my hands free.

I think you just look at your situation and decide what is going to work best for your family. It's not wrong to think about getting pregnant when you have a 7 or 8 month old baby, and it's not horrible to have kids that are 16 or 20 months apart. If it's something you really want it's fair to consider it as an option.

Dove - posted on 10/30/2014




Just do it... Realize that you HAVE a baby and focus on her... She will grow all too fast and you can have another baby in time, but you will NEVER get back the time that you will lose w/ your current baby by obsessing about another.

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