How do I proceed as my teen exerts her independence? Letting go is the hardest part of parenting, so far!

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I need your advice. Respond if you have "been there, done that", are young and have a different perspective or are in the thick of this transition with me. I am feeling a great sense of loss as my teenage daughter (14/Freshman!) is starting to pull back and shut down. I know she is smart and has good judgement, but in this time of electronic communication, I feel completely stressed out that I don't know what is going on in her life and who she is communicating with. She gives me no "real" reason to worry, except for the lack of communication with us. Because she has always acted responsibly, we didn't set up parental controls or ability to read her texts or e-mails. Kids know how to get around that, anyway (so I hear!) Should I take a giant step back and give her space or continue to ask questions, which always seems to annoy her? I'm lucky if I get more than a 1 word answer, at times. She is adamant that she needs her privacy and doesn't want to share passwords with us. Should we insist on viewing at our discretion, use our resources to "spy" or wait for a "real" reason for this? Thanks for any advice you can share!


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If you have no real worry I think invading her privet stuff would be wrong. My daughter is 13 I have pass words for her thing but I don't look at anything, we all know if I wanted to I can but my mother was a snooper and I hated it it was like being in jail were nothing was privet and my room could be "turned over" at any time. My daughter has always come to me with stuff and her friends tell me things too I never make a big deal of anything an give them all advice but just lately her friend dropped her in it and said my d liked this boy so I guess the secrets have started and I just have to go with it and make sure she knows I'm there and she always have the right advice.

Teenagers arnt really humans remember lol

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