how do I protect my daughter from her father when she says he is touching her inapproprietly

Kelly - posted on 04/02/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 year old daughter goes to her fathers every other weekend. A month ago she came home from her visit and started telling me that her dad was touching her where he shouldn't be and that he was kissing her like he kisses his wife. I was so devastated and didn't know what to say. I told her I would fight for her rights and would do something about this first thing Monday morning. The next day I called department of child services and reported this, they immediately wanted to talk to her, we meet them along with a police officer, and she told them in a private everything. Meanwhile I found a lawyer to help me file for non visitation. The school contacted me about a week later telling me she has not been acting herself in class and her grades have slowly dropped all year. Last year she was on the honor roll this year she is getting D's and F's. I went in and met with the teacher and councilor and told them of her complaint about her dad. The school councilor has been talking with her but she is still depressed doesn't participate sits in her room, the laughter is gone. She was always so bubbly and positive attitude not she is the complete opposite. She is pale with dark circles under her eyes and doesn't sleep well at night. I have contacted a private councilor and she is seeing this person every week. I have not allowed her to go to her dads all month and now he is petitioning the court for contempt of court order. The DCS has called and send they would stand with her and her complaint but they could not prosecute him do to insufficient evidence. Two days later they call and say we need to meet with him so the child could start visiting again and we could set a plan where she would feel safe at his house. They said she must go for the weekend visits starting immediately. I called my lawyer and he wasn't much help. Mean while the father has set in motion the petition for contempt of court order. I don't know what else to do, how can I protect her at his house. I sent a phone with her in the past and he takes it away from her and I didn't get it back for 2 weeks. He doesn't have a bed for her to sleep in when she is there because there are other children who live there and she must sleep on the floor. She has had major back surgery and it is hard for her to get on the floor. She comes home crying with her back hurting every time. We went to court for termination of visitation until DCS finished the investigation. But the Judge denied it saying we didn't have enough proof. The whole time we were in court the judge never looked up from his desk, not one time....This judge is in charge of family issues and requesting another judge is not I have been what now....send my daughter back and wait until there is physical evidence....this is crap.....can someone please help...


Lubnazehra - posted on 04/03/2014




I am so sorry that you are going thru so much.the child must be so much depressed. Please try to talk her out.children at teens are of critical age to take wrong diversion. Make her strong. Communties like rights for woman may help you.set a camera or something in her bag wen she goes to his doea he treats with other children? People like this should be punished. Hope could help you in someway.but you got to back upnur child.cheer her up again
Nt to give up on living coz sometimes life can be sweet and bitter.i hope ur problem solves soon.take carr

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