how do i stop a three year old getting out of bed at bed time

SJ - posted on 02/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




how should i best manage a 3 year old who has just started being really naughty at bed time and will not stay in bed. I'm talking sometimes til 10pm. I feel i have tried all strategies I can think of including just good old acceptance and patience but it leaves an overtired child for me then to manage. Books to read on the subject,

? suggested successful strategies? There is no "scared" or "upset" child just plain old cheaky naughtiness!!


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Liz - posted on 02/01/2012




My son gets out of bed, like 4-5 times a night sometimes. He is 3.5 I started putting a gate on his door. Although now he has figured out he can climb over it...but it worked for awhile.

Ianina - posted on 02/01/2012




well, what time do you want your 3 year old to be in bed? 10 pm doesn't sound so bad...

Does the kid get out of bed and play in the room or goes out?

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