How do I stop my 14 month old from biting, pinching and hitting??

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I realize that it is a part of his age and his learning process, however it seems to be severe and nothing that we do seems to make it stop. We have tried the following: not reacting, saying " stop, that hurts", removing from the situation, ignoring him, even slapping his hand. I really do not want to slap him or hit him in anyway, but at this point, I am willing to try anything that may be effective. I feel that his behavior is almost out of control. He seems to wander around looking for things to get into. He has tons of toys and we play with him a lot. He goes from happy and laughing to whining and crying. The biting and pinching happens often when he seems to be happy, its like he cannot control himself. Is this normal? Any other Moms experience this? Any advice?


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My son only ever bit us when he was teething. At 14 months he got those small molars at the front and did crazy stuff all the time.

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