How do I stop my 16month old boy from pulling my hair and hitting me.

Rheam - posted on 06/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do I stop my 16month old boy from pulling my hair and hitting me. He does this in public when someone talks to me. While i'm carrying him.


Krista - posted on 06/25/2012




When my son went through this phase, I would gently but firmly take his hand and hold it at his side, look in his eyes, and say very firmly, "NO hitting!" If he does it again, you repeat that, and then put him down on the floor (but hold his hand so he doesn't run off.) Right now he's doing it because it gets your attention -- and if someone's talking to you, you're not paying full attention to him, so he hits you to get you to notice him again.

So you'll want a two-pronged approach. If someone is talking to you, and your son ISN'T hitting you, don't ignore him -- look at him every so often, pat his hair, praise him for being a patient boy. Just feed him with little pieces of attention so that he doesn't feel like Mommy is ignoring him. And if he DOES hit you, you correct him and then withdraw your attention by putting him on the floor. It'll take several tries, but eventually he'll learn that if he hits Mommy, he loses Mommy's attention. But if he's nice and waits nicely, Mommy will keep giving him attention.

Good luck!

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