How do I stop my son from always being disruptive? He is 2yrs old, and his twin sister does not do this.


Alison - posted on 04/24/2012




First of all, brothers and sisters, sisters and sisters, brothers and brothers are ALL different! And no one ever benefits from being compared to a sibling. On top of that, boy brains and girl brains are SOOOOOO different and it should be no surprise that boy behavior and girl behavior is soooooooooo different.

A lot of 2-year-old boys are disruptive. It's part of how they learn and experience life. Try to encourage the behaviors you like, discourage the ones you don't like and constantly check whether your expectations are fair and reasonable.

All the best!


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AGREED with everything Alison said. My parents had four girls, no boys, and when people now ask my parents what children they have my mom loves to say "Four: One of each!!" Haha. Don't use your quiet daughter as a measuring stick for your rambunctious son. It's completely normal two year old boy behavior. I'm not saying it should always be allowed unquestioningly. It just may take a little more training and discipline to teach him how to control his urges and emotions. And he may require a greater amount of heavy activity. My two year old has started this thing where he'll take off running and squealing through the house until he crashes into the front door, then turn around and do it again over and over. As annoying as this is, I let it go as long as no one is sleeping and I don't have visitors. He needs to run out his energy and a trip to the park everyday doesn't seem to be enough. If I have a headache I tell him we're not yelling today, we're going to play quietly otherwise he can play alone in his room with the door shut (not appealing at all for him). Instead of requiring him to be calm, quiet and reserved all the time, I'm working on teaching him that there is a time and place it's ok to be rambunctious and lots of times and places it is NOT ok. There's nothing inherently bad about being very active and even rowdy to some degree. I figure if I can truly model and teach my son good manners and sincere respect for others, that should tailor the hyperactivity by hopefully instilling enough personal conviction for good behavior to curb the disruptive behaviors. But that'll come in time, their little minds can only grasp so much at this age. I'm sure it will take months (and maybe years) of consistent teaching to train a little boy this way. But the fact is you can't make him be meek or quiet if that's just not who he is, so instead you have to teach him self control through manners, patience, gentleness with others, and obedience. Let him be who he is and just direct his energy toward positive outlets.

Kaitlin - posted on 04/24/2012




Well said Alison. We encourage our 2 1/2 year old to try to say 'excuse me' when he wants to interrupt a conversation, and he does almost every time (sure, he yells it sometimes, repeatedly, until we respond, in which case we say- William, you need to wait one minute while Mommy and Daddy are talking, and then we finish our sentence or two and return our attention to him)
Boys tend to be more 'disruptive' as you put it (though some girls I know certainly take the cake, lol). It's not surprising that you have one twin that is a little quieter and one that is a little more enthusiastic- think about yin and yang type theory, or a relationship between husband and wife (partners, whatever)- one tends to be more outgoing and the other tends to do more in the background or be laid back.

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