How do I stop my son from hitting?!?1

Jessica - posted on 12/13/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son hits, mainly me. I am not big on spaking and I don't see how me spanking him is a good example for him to not hit. I walk away from him, I try to talk to him...eventually he will stop (5 mins. maybe). Then he wants me to hold him and says he is sorry. I talk to him and tell him why it is not ok to hit and that it is not acceptable behavior. He is almost 3 so I feel like he just is not sure how to express that he is mad or upset. This has gone on about 9 months to this degree at least. I do a lot of talking to him about his behavior, but I get to a point that I feel like my almost 3 year old is abusive. I must be crazy but I do not know how to handle this situation. My husband is a lot quicker to discipline than I am, I want to try to talk it out before punishing so I'm sure that is not helping. Please help, I don't know what to do anymore and I do not want to lose my cool with my child or husband!


Amber - posted on 12/13/2010




When my son would try to hit me, I would firmly grab his hand and say no. I would turn him around and direct him to something else. If he tried it again, he was sent straight to the naughty bench. If he continued it, he continued being put on the naughty bench for a time out.

After 3-4 times on the naughty bench, he was put in his own room. I told him that if he could not be nice, he could not be in the living room with us.

I would also ask him if he wanted me to hit him. His eyes would get big, and he would say no. I would tell him that if he doens't like being hit, that I don't either. I always kept my face and voice nuetral.

After spending some time alone in his bedroom, he decided that he didn't like it very much. This took me a few weeks to make it work.


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Sharon - posted on 12/13/2010




I would grab my kids hands and say "No! That hurts!" & turn my back on them for a minute.

Spankings are no good in this instance.

Iqra - posted on 12/13/2010




hi jessica i think u should understand him why he is hitting u like may be he want attention or he is hungry try to figure out why and when he is mad and u r right that spanking is not a good idea good luck;-)

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