how do I stop my teen using pot and know he really has


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Chet - posted on 07/04/2014




How old is your teen? There is a big difference between 13 and 19.

When and where is he using it? How often?

The truth is, you may not be able to make him stop. You can work to understand why he wants to do it, and you can help to change the conditions that make him want to use, or that make it possible for him to use, but it's his life. He needs to want other things for himself. You can want them for him.

Angela - posted on 07/04/2014




Offer an incentive and have him regularly drugs-tested to ensure he's not using it. It actually stays in the system a lot longer than "harder" drugs. Anyone who wants to join the military is advised whilst still discussing it at the informal stage to stop using it and come back in 6 months.

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