How do I stop nursing 15month old toddler to sleep

Lavinia - posted on 01/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi mums,

I've been reading for a while but never posted, so here goes.

I'm a FTM (Single Mother) to an AMAZING 15 month old kiddo.

We have always coslept even in the hospital, but I realised a month ago that cosleeping meant he was awake every hour on the hour to go to the 'milk bar'. Now he is on the bed (with baby bed bumpers) and I'm on a mattress on the floor and he only wakes 3 times a night. Each time he needs nursing to sleep.

This is where I need help, how do I get the tike to sleep without nursing. We've always nursed to sleep. He can go to sleep fine in the stroller and for nap times his nanny will rock and sing to him. His gran does the same and he goes to sleep in their arms with no fuss. With me it's 100% boobie. I've tried rocking and he squirms and fusses for boobie.
I nurse him on weekends and some evenings if he fusses for it, but have been doing 'dont offer dont refuse' for a while, but he just asked more!
I'm cool with extended bfing, no drama I'd just like him to go to sleep without nursing so he could learn to go back to sleep by himself at night.
Any methods/tips/advice/magicpotions greatly received.


Faye - posted on 01/03/2013




My advice is to offer a cup of water whenever he wakes. Soon he will not want that cup of water and learn to sooth himself back to sleep and eventually remain asleep.

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