how do i take care of children with ADHD


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Jane - posted on 05/23/2011




Get them into something really active. Exercise can do a great job counteracting ADD and ADHD. That is what my daughter used all the way through school. She started running in elementary school, rode her bicycle and skateboard, and played endless games of soccer, basketball and street hockey.

Set up a structured home life and stick to it. The kids need to know what is supposed to happen when, and they need to know you will help them stick to the schedule.

Help the kids set goals and work towards them. Celebrate each goal achieved.

If they do have down time, consider getting them a video game system. The Wii is actually the best because so many games involve movement by the players. However, ADHD kids love all video games. Racing and sports games are probably the best for now.

Develop a reward system for when the kids stick to their schedule all by themselves.

Make sure they have bicycles, roller skates, basketballs, soccer balls, and other active toys, and make sure they use them everyday, especially in the summer. Swimming and martial arts are also good activities.

As JuLeah says, improve their diet - you can look to follow something called the Feingold Diet, or you can simply limit sugar, junk food, preservatives, and so on, and substitute home-cooked, organic foods.

If you do all of this and the kids still have problems, then you can lok into medication. Many kids are like my daughter and don't need it. But some are like my son. He cannot hold still long enough to learn anything without ADHD meds. There is no shame in medicating your children as long as you have tried everything else and your child is still struggling. If your child is truly ADHD then he will feel a night and day difference when he takes the meds, from the very first day. If he isn't ADHD, the meds will do nothing.

And most of all, love them for the excitement they bring to your life. Also, remember no matter how trying a day has been, they are cute when they are asleep.

JuLeah - posted on 05/23/2011




Not a lot of information to go on here... have they been diganosed? I have worked with many many kids who carry the lable of ADHD, but only a few that I felt actually struggled with it.
But, if they do, or don't, the intervention is the same.
Take them off sugar, and all processed foods. Go orgainc.
Make sure they are physical everyday - for at least an hour. They need to have their blood pumping and heart rate up.
Limit TV and computer to an hour a day, no more.
Get them involved with social activities - sports, clubs, volunteering .... whatever their passion is.
Have them set goals, personal and educational and help them meet the goals.
Make sure they have chores .... they need to know they contrubute to the house and are needed by the family
Eat as a family everynight, set aside time everyday to work on homework; sit with them and help.
Volunteer in their class - talk weekly with their teachers
Make sure their summers and weekends are filled with activities - educational and fun
Make sure they get enough omga fatty acids in their diet, enough Vit D, and enough of all the rest.
Taking them off sugar and junk food will help a lot with this - no soda, but that goes with out saying.
Kids with ADHD are creative, fun, high energy, interesting ... have fun with them and don't ever allow the ADHD to be an excuse for missed homework or failing an exam -

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